Facilitating the Network

12 Oct

For the past four years, I have stepped in to help the chapter of Phi Delta Theta at Wabash College. So far, it’s been challenging and rewarding.

Lately, I’m starting to see some positive results.

The house passed a new scholarship program, is working on a new house cleaning initiative, and is developing new community service projects. They’re currently the second cleanest house on campus, they hosted a reception for the Phi Delt Trustees, and they just won the intramural football trophy.

The biggest improvement has come with rush. The house added a larger pledge class this fall to bolster its membership. We’re also working on refocusing our pledgeship and adding in a career component.

One idea I’m employing is to connect start the pledges networking now, while they’re still in school and still exploring careers and majors. I asked them for their intended majors and minors and current career goals, and I matched them up where I could with alumni willing to give them some advice.

Before I hook them up, though, I developed a way for alumni to learn more about them and to supply content to the chapter blog. Rather than write a short bio, which can get kind of boring, I asked them to bullet 10 things about themselves. These could relate to accomplishments, ambitions, family, hobbies, anything. To set an example, I wrote one up about myself  to give them an example.

It’s in the next post.

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