Career Networking Step #1

21 Oct

OK, I know the steps of networking. I’ve been too reticent in using them up to now. I’m sick of navel-gazing introspection and quiet desperation, so I’m going step-by-step.

Career Networking Step #1: Tell your friends and relatives that you’re looking for a job.

Maybe it’s my misguided sense of good ol’ American self-reliant, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps rugged individualism that has hindered my full-blown admission until now.

I’ve submitted, I’ve interviewed, I’ve second interviewed, I’ve anxiously waited, I’ve scoured job sources, I’ve met with career counselors, I’ve updated my LinkedIn page, I’ve revised and rewritten and customized my résumé. For months, I’ve been suffering this quiet desperation of being fully functional, willing, eager, and ready for employment, to no avail.

I’m tired of it.

So today, I stand up, raise my hand, and, like 9.1 million Americans or more, proclaim, “I need a job. I am a person of great skill and expertise, and your company or organization would be well-served by hiring me.”

I’ve been a helpful, capable, and knowledgeable resource for others seeking a career path.

It’s my turn to use my network.

Next: Career Networking Step #2: The person asks you, “What kind of job are you looking for?”

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