My Town Indy Redux

30 Nov

At its inception, I intended this blog to serve different functions, primarily and ad hoc to the main mission of showcasing my writing ability to potential employers or clients.

Lately, I’ve felt an intense need to comment on happenings in my community. Currently unshackled by an official position or title of note, I should be free to speak freely about various wrongs to right with a perspective as a citizen of this great city.

My friends will certainly tell you that I am not wont for opinion.

So, I’ll take my cue from a respected broadcaster from my childhood. Fred Heckman provided daily essays and commentary on WIBC (then on 1070AM) in a segment entitled, “My Town Indy.” Here’s what I wrote about Fred in a September 2002 Indianapolis Monthly article “Gone but not Forgotten”:

In 1993, veteran newsman Fred Heckman “retired” from his job as news director for WIBC, a station where he’d spent almost 32 years broadcasting. “There’s too much giving people what they want to know, not what they need to know,” he said in a December 1993 Star interview, citing the diminishing amount of hared news and increasing Hollywood gossip and fluff.

Heckman was in radio, of sorts, from the start. In the Navy during WWII and Korea, he was radioman focusing on cryptography. Back stateside, he bounced around to several stations before landing at the Indy AM powerhouse. Heckman was revered for his adherence to high news standards, and he demanded the same of his staff. His folksy remembrances in a segment called “My town Indy” became an audience favorite. he returned to WIBC in 1994 when Emmis Communications purchased the station and remained there until just a few month before his death.

While I have no pretensions that my commentary might even match his insight, I’ll proudly emulate a manner of constructive commentary, always with an eye toward making my city better.

So, look for my Circle City commentary here.

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